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World War II History Gift Ideas

Here are some gift ideas for World War II history buffs and collectors. Some of them are unusual, some of them are popular -- they're all things we know we'd like to be given.

Band of Brothers DVD set Band of Brothers DVD Set

The best WWII miniseries ever made, if not the best movie. Fantastic. Magnificent. Awesome. Inspiring.

Churchill portrait mounted on woodPortrait of Sir Winston Churchill

Arthur Pan's famous portrait of the great statesman. offers a fine art print mounted on wood for about $135 plus $14 shipping. You can also have it framed traditionally, or just buy the print itself for much cheaper. The mounted option is neat -- it comes permanently bonded to a wood backing (with a beveled black edge) that's braced on the back so that it appears to "float" on the wall.

book coverHistory's Greatest Conflict in Pictures

A coffee table book from Life magazine. High-quality images from the escalating tensions of the pre-war world, the German blitzkrieg, the shock of Pearl Harbor, the fighting on land, sea, and air, D-Day, the home fronts, the atom bombs, and the war's historic aftermath.

DVD coverWorld War II DVD Collection

A four-disc collection including four of the best Hollywood movies on the war ever made -- "The Thin Red Line," "Patton," "Tora! Tora! Tora!" and "The Longest Day."

DVD coverWorld War II: The Lost Color Archives on DVD

The History Channel's remarkable collection of rare color footage filmed during WWII. An reviewer wrote, "This is the most astonishing, complete and concise documentary I have EVER had the pleasure of viewing. Worth twice the price. I am a WWII collector and I can say without a doubt that this set is a MUST for any WWII collector!" I'll leave it at that.

American Military Aircraft of World War II CalendarAmerican Military Aircraft of World War II Calendar

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