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Posted by: Hussein Karouni ( on 26 Oct 2003 at 8:44:35 AM
In-Reply-To: How WW2 Started posted by Michelle on 4:33:54 PM 18 Oct 2003

: : what started ww2
: World War 2 began almost directly after WWI. If you know the basic history behind WWI you know that the Allied Powers (Britian mainly) forced Germany to downsize their military drastically, and pay an enormous amount of money. These extreme requests sent Germany (along with many other of the countries involved in WWI) in a downward spiral economically as their country deteriorated. The Treaty of Versailles (document forcing these grievances on Germany) actually was a main cause of Hitlers rise to power. Germany was in desperate search for econimic and political liberation and Hitler seemed like the man to do it. After Hitler came to power one of his main goals was to overturn the Treaty of Versailles and all the embarresing demands that went with it. His goals involved taking every country around him and bringing it in to what he called the German Reich. Similar to what Napoleon did, he craved more land, more people, and most importantly power. He moved to take annex Austria, Poland, Czechoslovakia. Because these countires all had important allies like Britian and France they were slowly integrated into the war against Germany. Through alliances it became a rivalry between the Axis powers (Germany, Italy, Japan)and Allied power (Britian, France, U.S., and Soviet Union). There are many more details to be had with WW2, but...I'm rambling out facts so I'll quit. Essentially - the Japanese were involved because they had allied themselves with Germany.

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