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World War II Forum: WW2 Japenese Dog Tag or Parts ID plate?

Posted by: John ( on 17 Dec 2002 at 9:44:36 AM

I've been looking about the net with little success for an image of a WW2 Japenese ID Tag. A person I know has what he beleives to be an ID tag of some sort. Rectangular, has varied Katakana characters on it (Ya Su So if I read the alphabit from the web correctly), a 3-digit number stamped below with (gi) in front of it, what looks like an Anchor overstamped with another symbol (gi). This would give me the impression it is something regarding Japenese Naval - But if it is a persons ID I/he has no way of knowing yet aside from asking one of my co-workers, which wont be for 2-weeks until they return from their homeland (Japan). He scanned the image in and uploaded it to If anyone has the energy to bother to look at it and offer an opinion I would be great! Also, if the Japenese used an ID/Dog Tag of some sort and there is a pic on the web someplace I'd welcome the pointer too. Thanks!!, John

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