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Posted by: Jimmie D. Mains ( on 5 Dec 2003 at 8:53:24 PM
In-Reply-To: 1st Mar.div.;1st Engr.Bn. Tientsin China posted by Tom Green on 10:29:57 AM 22 Feb 2003

I was a member of the U.S. Navy and served in North China in late 1945 - 5 Jun 1946. I was assigned to GROPAC 13 and stationed on a converted LST which was tied to a dock at the mouth of the Taku River near Tientsin. Some of the members of my organization were actually stationed in Tientsin. At the time, I was a Coxswain of small amphibious craft (LCM and LCVP). Our mission was to transport supplies unloaded from ships laying at anchor about 12 miles outside the mouth of that river to the dock. On arrival at the dock, members of the First Marine Division would move the supplies to their units. This procedure was necessary because the waterway was shallow and larger ships could not enter the harbor.

I do not recognize your father's name, but I do know how the military spent their days in that area. The Nationalists had their hands full trying to keep the Communists from taking over (which they eventually did).

Again, I ask the question - does anyone recall???

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