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World War II Index/Glossary of Terms

Torch (Operation TORCH)

The code name for the Allied invasion of North Africa that began November 8, 1942.


Germany deported hundreds of thousands of Jews from the Warsaw ghetto to die in this concentration camp starting in July 1942.

Trident Conference

A summit between the U.S. and Britain that began on May 11, 1943. Roosevelt and Churchill decided to delay the Allied invasion of France and in its place planned the Allied invasion of Italy.

Trinity Test

The world's first atomic bomb test, secretly held in New Mexico on July 16, 1945. It is a success.

Tripartite Pact

Germany, Italy, and Japan signed on September 27, 1940 making Japan part of the Axis. Hungary and Romania signed the Tripartite Pact in November 1940. Bulgaria signed in March 1941.

Tunisia (Tunis)

Part of the French colonial empire before World War II. The Allies invaded the area as part of the invasion of North Africa in 1942. The Germans moved into Tunisia by water from Sicily and were able to stop the Allied drive short of the Tunisian capital of Tunis.

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