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World War II Index/Glossary of Terms

Tarawa Island

Tarawa is an island in the Gilberts in the Central Pacific. U.S. Marines landed on Tarawa on November 21, 1943 and took the island in a four-day fight at a cost to the Marines of some 3,000 casualties.

Teheran Conference

A summit between the U.S., Britain, and the USSR held between November 8 and December 1, 1943. Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin met together for the first time and agreed that the Western Allies would invade France in June 1944 and that when it began the USSR would launch a new offensive from the east.

Michel Thomas

A remarkable, heroic holocaust survivor.


Part of the Marianas islands in the Pacific. U.S. troops made an amphibious assault on the Japanese-held island on July 23, 1944.


This Libyan city in North Africa was captured from the Germans by British and Australiantroops in January 1941. In June 1942, the German Afrika Korps recaptured Tobruk. In November 1942, the British recaptured it.


The capital city of Japan. Tokyo was bombed by Doolittle's raiders in April 1942. This raid had little strategic value but was a major morale booster for the U.S. In March 1945, a much more serious bombing campaign of Tokyo claimed the lives of about 85,000 Japanese.

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