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World War II Index/Glossary of Terms


600-mile-long island chain in the Pacific. The advance in the Solomons under Admiral Halsey's command started from Guadalcanal where air support was based on Henderson Field and then moved toward the Japanese air base at Munda on New Georgia Island about 200 miles north.


The area of North AfricaBritish Somaliland was in the north and Italian Somaliland was in the south. In August 1940 the Italy invaded British Somaliland, marking the beginning of World War II in Africa. In February 1941, Britain captured Mogadishu in Italian Somaliland.

Special Service Force

An elite unit of U.S. Army and Canadian troops trained in hand-to-hand combat, demolition, a variety of weapons, skiing, parachuting, and how to drive and repair the Weasel -- the tracked "snow vehicle" developed to destroy strategic Axis targets in snowbound areas. This eventually became the U.S. Special Forces.


Signal Security Agency.


Special Security Officer.

Starvation Island

A nickname Marines gave to Guadalcanal.

Stalingrad (Battle of Stalingrad)

The battle for the Russian city of Stalingrad (which was named Tsaritsyn before 1925 and was renamed again in 1961 to Volgograd) is one of the significant turning points of the war. The Germans attacked Stalingrad in September 1942 with superior forces, but by November approximately one million Soviet troops had them encircled. Over 70,000 German soldiers died that winter and in late January the Russians took over 90,000 prisoner.


Stockholm is the capital city of Sweden. The USSR bombed Stockholm in February 1944.

Fort Stotsenberg

Fort Stotsenberg and its Clark Air Field in the Philippines were the main base of the Army Air Corps in the western Pacific on the eve of World War II. The Japanese bombed the base on the day after Pearl Harbor, December 8, 1941.


The pro-German Vichy French government of this middle-eastern nation was overthrown by the British in June 1941.

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